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 Retainer Packages

Are you having trouble maintaining your website or graphic design needs at the pace that your business is growing?

Do you constantly have creative ideas running through your mind, but seem to get extremely overwhelmed at the thought of trying to piece it all together?  

Are You constantly taking new pictures of clients or products, have new Videos or want to consistently be "Out with the old and in with the new"?

With our Retainer Packages, your business is backed by "us" your very own “in-house” design team, giving you the opportunity to take action and implement all those big ideas you are bursting to act upon, and ultimately, grow your business. Consistency in your brand will help you stand out from the rest, and as a small business owner sometimes you don’t always have the time and resources to keep your marketing efforts looking A+!


 Our goal is to always professionally showcase your God-given gift so that you can stylishly appeal to potential customers, easily attract more clients and ultimately maximize your profits. We believe that building a lasting professional relationship with our clients is the ultimate way to be a blessing to others and do what we love which is serving you! 

Do You Need Peace of Mind?

What is a Retainer Service?


A retainer service is the perfect monthly solution to have a go-to designer help you maintain consistency with your brand and your message. It is paid up front each month before work is ordered…which gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will receive a pre-established amount of work and updates each month, without having to worry about "what's in queue" ahead of you! You come first!

How Does it Work?


Based on the retainer package you select, we will block out our schedule with the appropriate amount of hours each month and plan our workload accordingly. By securing a retainer package, you are guaranteed first priority when scheduling projects. It is perfect for those who know they will need website maintenance or design services throughout the month and want to reserve our “creative design expertise and time.”

The Perks of Being a Retainer Client...

  • Extremely fast turn-around for routine tasks- such as updating/changing website images,  updating website embedded links with pop-ups and editing new versions of an existing graphic design. We reserve your retainer time exclusively for you, so even if you have rush work or an unplanned need, we can respond to your needs with urgency.

  • Plan your project deadlines with peace of mind- You are our first priority! Since you are paying in advance, a block of time is already allocated to you each month. You can set deadlines with peace of mind that your project will be complete before they hit. Your projects are booked into our schedule and calendar with top priority over non-retainer clients. 

  • Savings & Discounts- mind-blowing discounts up to 30% off 

  • Brand consistency across all of your projects- use your unique branded typography and color palettes to keep a neat and professional appeal to all projects. 

  • On-Call for Emergency Issues- not just for emergencies, but we will schedule telephone calls per month to review your project load. 

  • Professional Designs- no need to worry about designing your own projects or learning photoshop – leave all the work to us! 

  • Easy Access Client Portals- receive monthly reports of time used and also track activity in a user friendly interface where file sharing is safe and convenient.

Retainer Details

  • 3 month minimum commitment. At the end of 3 months, we will re-evalaute the program to ensure the number of hours are fitting your business needs. After that, we can move to 6, 9, or 12 month commitments.

  • The retainer package is only for clients who have worked with Seriously Creative Designs for any service previously. Website Maintenance are only for websites that use the WIX hosting site with a premium plan.

  • Each retainer includes a set number of hours per week. For additional projects that require more time, we will discuss prices "before" beginning the project. We will let you know if we are running close to hitting your monthly hours. If additional time is needed for the month, you will be made aware before committing to pay extra. Those hours each week will be billed at the standard hourly rate of $60 per hour.

  • Unused hours expire at the end of each week. This is to ensure that we can allocate time for your projects each week and plan our workload accordingly.

  • You will get an invoice on the first day of each month. Invoice will include the monthly retainer rate for that month and any additional charges from previous month. Please read our terms and conditions as it relates to Retainer Services here

  • Each month, We will prepare an invoice that shows all of the time we’ve spent on your projects.

What Services are Included?


  • Graphic Design and Digital Material: WIX Website Updates, Social Media Flyers, Event Flyers, Facebook Banners, Branding Templates, T-shirt Design, Press Kits, Business Card Design, PDF Ebook Cover Design, Digital Mock-Ups, Book Cover Mock-up Only, Professional Photography Image Enhancement and Background Removal, Instagram Grid Puzzle (Total of 12 interlocked Instagram Posts), Instagram Story Templates and Vendor Signage.

  • Web Updates & Maintenance: pictures, embedded links, lightbox/pop-ups, content and graphics across both mobile & desktop compatible versions. Updates and Maintenance is for WIX Premium Plan websites only.

  • Additional Services: If you don’t see a service above, please feel free to make requests to see if it falls under the program.

Creative "Premium" Retainer Package Only includes:

(6 Hour Minimum Requirement Services) 

  • Webinar PowerPoint Slide Presentations

  • Landing Pages

  • Product Label Design

  • Social Media Marketing & Management

  • Additional services are available upon request.


  • New Logo Design: If you need a new business, product, or project logo designed from scratch, this will be quoted and billed as a flat fee.

  • New Book Cover Design: Book Cover Design with Front cover, Back cover and Spine

  • Videography Edits and/or Production- Including Social Media Motion Graphics

  • New Website Design and/or Revamped Website Design: If you need a new website designed, this will be quoted and billed as a flat fee. 

  • Expenses: Services do not include additional costs like stock photography purchases, subcontractor fees, web hosting purchases and printing. We will consult with you before beginning project work to identify any fees or costs that may be billed in addition to your retainer agreement.

Package Prices

Creative "Junior" Retainer

  • 10 hours per month (2.5 hours per week)

  • 10% discount- You Save $60

  • First Priority service in projects

  • 1 call per month to review project load

Investment: $540/month

Creative "Senior" Retainer

  • 20 hours per month (5 hours per week)

  • 20% discount – you save $240!

  • First Priority service in projects

  • 2 calls per month to review project load

Investment: $960/month


  • 40 hours per month (10 hours per week)

  • 30% discount – you save $720!

  • First Priority service in projects

  • 2 calls per month to review project load

Investment: $1680/month

Let's Get Started...

  • Simply fill out the form below. You will receive an email from us to set up a free consultation to hear more about your projects. Please note, the retainer package is only for clients who already have their basic brand guidelines and logo complete as well as have purchased some type of service from us previously. 

  • After the consultation call, we will schedule a date for the invoice to be received for the first month’s payment. Once, payment is received, we will set up all your projects within our monthly schedule. Prior to the beginning of each new month, we will schedule a call to review the next month’s work.

Seriously Creative Retainer Form

To get started and schedule a free consultation  please take the time to fill out the information below.

Which services are you interested in? (Choose all that apply)
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